Ruang kerja

A PhD degree in marine biology from The University of Tokyo (Todai), Japan. Aryono plays classical piano and also the first winner of The Indonesian Electone Festival 1985. He's also the composer of Indonesian's legendary song "Burung Camar", sung by Vina Panduwinata. Burung Camar also won Kawakami Award at 1985 World Popular Song Festival in Tokyo, Japan. 

Born on 1 July 1963, he is also a professional photographer. In 2004, his picture, "Janda Satu Anak" fetched 700 million rupiah in an auction held at his solo exhibition, the most expensive price for a photo in Indonesia.

I believe that natural interaction between people in love would create beautiful moments. We are dedicated to capture that for you at your special day.

Based in Jakarta, but would love to travel to any given destination. :)

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